Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find answers to the most commonly answered questions here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us and a franchising specialist will be happy to assist you.

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Your Out-of-Pocket Cost?

There is no out-of-pocket cost to the retailer. We cover all costs associated with delivery, installation, and maintenance of the Froyo Robots.

How Do Customers Pay?

The Froyo Robot accepts cash, all major credit cards, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay. The unit can also be programmed to accept gift cards and unique promo codes for your establishment.

Who services and maintains the robot?

Our operators maintain the robot. Everything from the cleaning of the robot to restocking it is done by our operators. We also provide nationwide support and service for our robots.

Does the robot require cleaning and daily support?

Yes, and we mandate that our operators clean and maintain the robot according to your local health code requirements. And then throughout the week our operators will maintain and stock the robot as needed.

Does The Robot Require Direct Plumbing, A Waterline, Or Drainage?

The robot does not require any direct plumbing, a waterline or drainage. Per health code regulations, the parts of the robot, which come in contact with the consumables, will need to be cleaned and sanitized in accordance with our NSF approved in-place-cleaning methods.

What flavors and toppings are available?

The Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot can feature up to 6 flavors including a twist option. Our operators can choose from hundreds of flavor combinations from our extensive frozen dessert line. We offer gelatos, sorbets, custards, ice cream and frozen yogurts. Holiday and Seasonal flavors are available as well.

We also offer a selection of 6 toppings form hard-shell candy, granola, nuts and cereals.

What is the capacity and performance of a robot?

The robot can serve 200 frozen yogurt servings before having to be serviced. Each frozen yogurt unit takes approximately 60 seconds to create and dispense.

Does the robot have a self-cleaning mechanism?

The robot comes equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism that removes any remaining yogurt after an order is completed. This ensures that each customized order maintains the proper flavor profile and no residual mix is left in the dispensing spigot.

What type of Health and Food Safety permits are required?

Health codes and requirements are based on the type of location, as well as mandatory guidelines set by the local city and county health departments. Food service and/or Food Handling permits will be required.

What is the technical breakdown of the robot?

Power Requirements – 220V / 30A
Dimensions (HxWxD) – (79” x 60” x 36”)
Weight: 1500 lbs.
Square feet- 15 sq. ft.
Mix Hopper Volume – 12 gallons
Topping Containers – 6 topping dispensers
Regular and Large sizes available – Regular 7 oz. approx. Large 9oz. approx.
Spoon – hygienically dispensed plastic spoon with purchase
Servings per hour – 60
Servings before refill – 200 cups fully stocked
Service and/or Food Handling permits will be required















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