Introducing The World’s First
Frozen Yogurt Robot.

Imagine a self-serve frozen yogurt machine that is a complete entertainment experience. Introducing the world’s first frozen yogurt robot! With exclusive rights to a patented new technology, Reis & Irvy’s is successfully launching an automated, interactive, high-tech unit – the Froyo Robot – that provides instant gratification at the point-of-purchase, and hours of entertainment at any location where it’s placed. This exciting innovation is available to enterprising franchisees for the first time ever.

After years of messy, awkward self-serve and high-rent retail, the frozen yogurt market is ready for Reis & Irvy’s business model, which is fresh, fun, and on-demand. This is authentic, all-natural frozen yogurt delivered in a hygienically contained and captivating way. Behind the magic and novelty of frozen yogurt delivered by a robot, is the well-oiled machinery of our proven franchising model. Units are already selling and our location teams are actively sourcing and securing high-traffic, high-volume locations as this exciting innovation expands into the marketplace.

To learn more about our groundbreaking technology and franchises, please review these informative downloads below. We are honored to be included in these media stories.

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