Built for High-Volume Demand.

Your customers will be riveted as they watch the Froyo Robot in action. Reis & Irvy’s brings the novelty of robotic delivery to the enjoyment of selecting and savoring frozen yogurt. It’s the ultimate blend of technological innovation mixed with anticipation, fascination and sheer satisfaction. Of course, you’ll find the most exciting thing about this revolutionary new concept in frozen yogurt is how it draws a crowd through its interactivity and overall engagement. This automated on-demand unit is a quick source of revenue that will add value to any space.

The Competitive Advantages
of Froyo Robots:

  • Dispense up to 60 cups of frozen yogurt per hour
  • Easy cash and credit card transactions
  • Accepts Apple Pay and Google Wallet
  • Hygienically enclosed and self-contained
  • Small footprint of 15-square feet
  • Double Barrel System offers 6 flavors including a twist option
  • NSF, NAMA and UL Certified
  • Offers up to 6 topping options
  • Easily disassembled for routine maintenance
  • Temperature sensors will alert operator remotely
  • Hourly/daily usage and maintenance reports
  • Energy efficient, 220V/30A Electrical Usage
  • Can serve up to 200 cups of frozen yogurt before needing to be refilled

This exclusive, patented new technology will make history. You are invited to join us by hosting a Reis & Irvy’s franchise at your location.










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